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Due to the current number of website design accounts, Prairie Hub will not be adding any additional Website Design Accounts until further notice. Thank you for you interest in our website design service. We will continue to add website hosting accounts.

Prairie Hub Web Solutions is dedicated to your future, although we have been known to dig up the past as well. Our website designers dedicate themselves to giving you the results you want. With service like that, what's left to keep you from putting yourself on the Internet, and what better way than to do so with the help of Prairie Hub Web Design?

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Prairie Hub Web Solutions is the only place you need to go for total website hosting, design and many other services. Plus when you go with Prairie Hub you know you are getting great quality at more than affordable pricing. So be sure to check out our websites, and watch for the symbol of quality and pride, the symbol of Prairie Hub Web Solutions.

Prairie Hub Web Design Pricing Schedule

Design Type Price
Website and graphical design for customers of Prairie Hub Web Hosting

$24.00 hourly

$14.00 minimal per occurrence

Website and graphical design for non Prairie Hub Web Hosting Customers

$32.50 hourly

$17.00 minimal per occurrence

Prairie Hub Web Solutions Digital Photography for photos to be used on your website or other uses in your company.

$25.50 per hour

$15.00 per hour of travel

$0.45 per mile of travel

How to order

Until our website is complete, please contact Josh Sumption at josh@prairiehub.net to open a new account. Or you can make further inquiries by using the "Contact Us" Feature of our website. We offer a variety of payment plans to meet your needs!

Prairie Hub Web Solutions reserves the right to refuse the sale of any service or equipment to any customer without any verbal or written reason.

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