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News and Notices From Prairie Hub Web Solutions

May 4, 2007
Prairie Hub's website design division is no longer accepting new customers. We will continue to bring on new web hosting accounts, but due to the current workload it will not be possible to add any additional website design accounts.

January 10, 2006

Rate increases have been almost unheard of during the last five years of Prairie Hub's operations. Unfortunately some of Prairie Hub's service charges will be going up on February 1 of 2006. Some minor rate increases will be seen in the website design sector, mostly to cover the continual acquisition of software and hardware required to create and maintain websites. With these increases Prairie Hub remains very competitive and value driven to provide you with the best website and services on the Internet. All other Prairie Hub rates will remain the same until reviewed again in June of 2006, at this point no rate increases are foreseen at that time.

January 10, 2005

In the end, 2004 proved to be a successful year overall. The biggest success in 2004 was the accomplishment of a goal that has been worked on for the companies five-year existence. The final uptime for 2004 on the entire Prairie Hub system was 99.97%. There were a few brief outages, more than likely due to some Internet service outages between Interseer and the Prairie Hub Network Operation Center. Normally such issues would not be counted as outages, but Prairie Hub sees the issues as potential access problems that their customers may have experienced as well.


Prairie Hub also announced today that no present need for any web hosting rate increase is seen. We will continue to follow our rate schedule that was last revised on July 15, 2003. On another note, one rate was decreased today, a rate which to this date has not been billed to any Prairie Hub customer. Extra monthly bandwidth is now only $8.50 per 2 GB of data transfer, a decrease in over one-half of the previous rate. Steady rates can also be accredited to Prairie Hub's improving financial situation, stake holders in the company were pleased to hear that the company's operating deficit decreased by nearly 45 percent in 2004.


Customer accounts remained stable in 2004. Though some of our customers discontinued their websites, we are proud to state that they did not leave our service to seek that of another provider. We are proud to announce that 2004 was ended with the exact same number of customers as it started with.


At this time we would like to thank all of our customers, past and present for your patronage. As we celebrate five years we recognize that the only reason we are here is because of you, and that is why we're here for you!


January 3, 2005

Five years ago, an idea became reality. Prairie Hub Web Solutions will be celebrating five years of business in 2005. Many of our customers have been with us since the beginning, and some have even been with us before Prairie Hub was started. To thank all of our customers and to bring on new customers, Prairie Hub Web Solutions announced that all web site hosting prices will be 5% off all year in 2005! This is not a ploy to harvest new customers as most companies do. All of our existing customers will automatically receive this discount as well from January through December of 2005. If you would like to sign on as a new Prairie Hub customer, the sooner you act, the more you save. A new customer signing on in January will receive 5% off web hosting beginning the day you sign on through December. But, for example, if you sign on in July you will only receive 5% off hosting from July through December. So act now! Become a member of the Prairie Hub family of websites TODAY and SAVE MORE!!!!

January 1, 2004

The City of Canby will be celebrating 125 years in 2004. Prairie Hub Web Solutions is proud to announce its donation of a website and website design to the Canby of Chamber of Commerce that is exclusively designed to celebrate the communities 125th anniversary. Visit www.canby125th.com for the most up to date information on the celebration and rich content on the history of the community and the festival. Congratulations Canby, on 125 year of progress and success! We are proud to be the Internet source for your celebration.

May 1, 2003

Bandwidth Quotas will begin to be enforced at 6:00 p.m. on May 1, 2003. Prairie Hub Web Hosting bandwidth restrictions vary with our hosting plan. The limitations of all current accounts will be noted on your April bills. A monthly usage report of bandwidth will also be created upon customer request. Quotas include all traffic over Prairie Hub's system destined to your account. Included in your quota is web traffic, email traffic and FTP traffic, as well as any other traffic resulting from the use of your domain. Our generous quota limits should be more than sufficient for all Prairie Hub hosting customers, but should your quota be broken you will be charged $12.00 per 1 GB of extra capacity needed in a month. During the month of May we will be closely monitoring account quota limits and notify you if your daily average will break quota. If you are continually breaking your quota Prairie Hub recommends that you consult with your account manager and consider a plan upgrade.

May 1, 2003

On May 1st Prairie Hub Web Solutions unveiled a whole new line up of packages and features. Not only are we offering new features, but our dependability just got better. Our new OC3 rated connection to the internet and 99.5% uptime means virtually no downtime for your website, and access tremendous speeds. Our all new hosting services are making Prairie Hub Web Hosting even more desirable to business owners and website hobbyists alike. All the way from our new version of WebMail, which is now powered by the NeoMail commercial package, to the ability to support ASP through Sun Micro Systems Chili Soft and video streaming in Real and QuickTime formats. Prairie Hub Web Solutions is here for you when it comes to meeting your website hosting needs. The benefits do not end with our hosting plans. Prairie Hub Web Design is ready to take full advantage of our great new web hosting features, and what better way for you to take advantage of them as well. As our company continues to grow, we want you to remember, at Prairie Hub, 'We're Here For You' and you are the reason for our continued success.

April 23, 2003

New site means better service and ease of use and is meant to focus more on customer interaction. And after months of planning and designing, Prairie Hub Web Solutions is proud to introduce our third fully reconstructed website since our company's founding in 2000. Whether you are a current Prairie Hub customer, or a potential customer, we hope that you find this site more informative and easy to use than our previous site. We do ask that you please give us your feedback, as our site will only meet your needs if we hear what they are from you! After all, at Prairie Hub Web Solutions, "We're Here For YOU!".

February 3, 2003

Prairie Hub Web Solutions announces a free service to local churches. Prairie Hub Web Solutions, a Lone Tree Technology Group company has announced that it will offer free web space to local churches. Churches in the communities of Porter and Canby can get web space for free. The church directory is available at www.prairiehub.net/churches and if your church would like to get their website you can contact administrator@prairiehub.net for more information.

January 1, 2003

Two Prairie Hub Web Hosting customers are celebrating five years of being online this year. The City of Porter, Minnesota and Angel In My Ink originally came online in 1998. Both were located at different addresses than they are located at now and have seen major renovations over the past five years, all of which Prairie Hub employees were responsible for. Prairie Hub is proud to be the home and sole designer of both websites since we started business in 2000.

November 1, 2002

Each month Prairie Hub Web Solutions will be choosing a website of the month. This award will be given to a website that demonstrates a well constructed site that is both attractive and easy to navigate. Awarded sites are not limited to those belonging to the Prairie Hub Web Hosting family, and choices of sites may depend on seasonal factors. Visit the Website of the Month page to see which sites have already won our award.

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